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Three industrial plants to treat:

  • Filter cakes containing heavy metals
  • Electric arc furnace dust
  • Leachate concentrate from dumps


For Public Administration
Three studies for the Catalonian Waste Administration (Junta de Residus de Catalunya):

  • Waste Minimization in Organic Synthesis Industry.
  • Evaluation of pesticide use and design of management plant.
  • Non-specific and inert industrial waste programme.

A study for Almeria’s Provincial Council:

  • Agrochemical waste treatment with solar photocatalysis treatment plants.

For Industry

  • Fourteen studies in inventory, minimization, management and treatment of residues
  • Fifteen feasibility studies (technical and economical) for in situ treatment of hazardous waste.

For Engineering firms
Two process designs for soil decontamination.

For R&&I centres
Modelling a 500 m2 surface field of solar water heaters for the desalination of seawater using a MED process.


Three industrial plants for:

  • Agrochemicals
  • Cianides
  • Antibiotics

Sixty pilot plants equipped with solar reactors with receptor surfaces from 0.25 to 60 m2 .


Five European projects (IV, V and VI Frame Program) in the fields of :

  • Solar photocatalysis
  • Solar ORC power plant
  • Solar treatment and potabilization of water in emerging countries

Three Spanish projects in:

  • Solar Photocatalysis.
  • Solar desalination.
  • Chemical fixation: Municipal waste incinerator’s fly ash treatment.


Two physicochemical systems to treat water with:

  • Cianides
  • Coloured wastewater

One biological bed reactor (IBR) for treating container washing wastewater.