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Ecosystem’s standard production of pilot plants for solar photocatalysis includes solar reactors with surfaces of 0.25, 0.6, 2 and 4 m2. We also build custom-made sizes for our clients. Basic product includes:

  • SOLAR UV-A radiometer (industrial sensor with cosine response) + controller that displays UV-A solar power and total UV-A energy captured by the solar reactor.
  • Pt100 temperature sensor.
  • RS485/USB card and data acquisition software.
  • Polypropylene circulation tanks, pipes and valves.
  • Electromagnetically driven circulation pump.
  • IP-65 electric panel; anodized aluminium frame on wheels; A4-316 stainless steel mirror supports, bolts and accessories; methacrylate reactor protection.

Among other optional devices, we usually include:

  • pH, redox potential and dissolved oxygen measuring and control
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter (teflon lined & Hastelloy electrodes)
  • Teflonated heater with PID temperature control.
  • Stand-alone solar system employing PV panels
  • UV-C reactor connected in parallel or in series with the solar processor.
  • Air, O2 or O3 bubbling inside the reactor.
  • Irradiation by UV-A lamps.