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  • Chemical and pharmaceutical companies
  • Faculties and R & D & I institutions
  • Agrochemical producer and spraying firms
  • Waste management companies
  • Engineering firms
  • Container recycling plants
  • Colouring producers and dying companies
  • Soil and ground water decontamination companies
  • Landfill management companies
  • Environmental administration
  • Steelworks
  • Surface treatment and electro-plating companies

About Ecosystem

Ecosystem S.A. is an environmental engineering firm focused on applying avant-garde technologies for waste treatment and the use of solar energy for water conditioning. Our company was established in Barcelona in 1991 and nowadays our services and products are present in 5 continents.

Among our clients there are industries, universities, environmental agencies and research centres that need a pilot or industrial plant or a consultancy service. Each solution is developed to meet the needs of our customers.

Solar Photocatalysis and chemical fixation are our main manufacturing lines:

SOLAR PHOTOCATALYSIS: useful for treating liquid wastes carrying toxic organic compounds such as pesticides, antibiotics, phenols, cyanides, organochlorides, polyaromatics, bactericides and other chemical compounds that are typically used in pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries. These processes have been developed in collaboration with PSA-CIEMAT (www.psa.es) and SOLARDETOX ® and SOLARCADOX ® trademarks have been registered.

CHEMICAL FIXATION: applied to solid waste or sludge contaminated with toxic inorganic compounds. Ecosystem holds a patent for chemical fixation of heavy metals in fly ash. This process decontaminates fly ash from urban waste incinerators (trademark VALORCEN ®) and recycles them as a concrete additive.

Other developed products are: UV-C lamp reactors, solar UV-A radiometers, teflonated heat exchangers for acidic fluids, biological bed reactors (IBR and SBR) and solar stand alone water potabilization plants (fully powered with solar energy).