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VALORCEN (registered trademark) is a process coupling two technologies that not only decontaminates but also adds value to fly ash produced in urban waste incinerators. This ash is considered hazardous waste due to its dioxins and heavy metals content. Management of this ash, at present, has huge economic and environmental consequences: in Spain alone 120,000 tons p.a. (240,000 m3 p.a.) are transported by road and deposited in secure waste sites at an annual cost of approximately 24 million Euros.

VALORCEN’s main advantages are:

  • Extremely stable fixation of heavy metals using a patented CO2 process to render them inert. At least 16 successive leaching tests with results which comply with legal guidelines).
  • Elimination of 99.99% of the dioxins present in ash by “pyrolytic dechlorination” treatment. This represents between 80 and 90% of the total dioxin emissions from an urban waste incinerator.
  • The resulting product can be used as portland cement for vibrated concrete in non-structural elements. That is, a residue which was previously expensive to treat, becomes a useful product which can replace a raw material that consumes huge amounts of energy to produce.